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Ben Kenobi, Dummy Site

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Welcome my young Padawan. I’m Ben.

Yep. Named after the coolest Jedi to ever walk on Tatooine.

Now, I’m going to walk you through several tutorials on this site. Be warned. My goal is a noble one. My lofty aim is to turn you into nothing less than a website Jedi Master.

Below you’ll find the seven basics that need to be mastered first. Now, I’ll be honest with you. This may not be the most exciting thing since Kylo Ren’s last tantrum … which is partly why I’m here. You know, who doesn’t like talking to a strawberry cartoon character, right?

But here’s the thing. Put in the time and master these basics, and in no time at all, you’ll have a good handle on how things work.

We’ll add more advanced tutorials in the future and you’ll be ready to tackle them, strong in the force.

Okay, one last thing. It’s best to view all the tuts on this site on your desktop or laptop. Tablets should be okay, too. We haven’t optimised these pages for mobile.

7 Steps to


Resources & Advanced Tutorials

Image Optimisation: Image Sizing & Page Speed [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

How to Post Links to Facebook and Clear Facebook’s Cache

In time, we’ll add other helpful links and tutorials here.

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