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Mr Bubbles from SEO WEB Designs.

Okay, this is a really quick and easy tutorial on creating a WordPress Gravatar (aka Globally Recognised Avatar).

It’s worth doing, otherwise your username on the Encounter Youth website will be referenced by the very unsexy “mystery man” avatar by default. Not cool.

Logged in to WordPress…

Step 1

(On the Encounter Youth website)

Select Users → Your Profile in the left-hand sidebar.

WordPress01, Creating a Gravatar


Step 2

Scroll down to the Profile Picture section and click the Gravatar link.

WordPress002, Creating a Gravatar

Step 3

You’ll be redirected to the Gravatar website. Click the “Create Your Own Gravatar” button.

WordPress003, Creating a Gravatar

Step 4

You’ll need to create an account at It’s free, of course.

Use the same login details (email, username and password) you use for the Encounter Youth website.

WordPress004, Creating a Gravatar

(The email address must be the same to link your Gravatar account to the website. If you want to create a new username or password, you can do so by all means. However, it will be yet another combination you’ll need to remember or record discreetly. See our tutorial on Choosing a Password.)

Step 5

Once you’ve created an account at, follow the prompts to upload and crop your profile picture.

Use your Encounter Youth avatar.

And you’re done! Do the dance of joy.